Why? Why not.

The GoldLyfe chose its first surrogate, Giovanni Rossi, in the warm waters of the Caribbean on Holy Ship. Returning to shore, he sought out a way to spread the message and joined forces with his close friends. As GoldLyfe, they have dedicated themselves to spreading light, glitter, and gold everywhere they go.

GoldLyfe inspires others to be true to who they are, to stay golden.  To find the gold within themselves, shine brightly, and reflect that brightness on others. In a world desaturated by the daily grind and polarized so strongly with divisiveness, to remember everything is not black and white. It is also gold. 
GoldLyfe doesn’t spell its name with a y, it spells it with a “why not”. Never afraid to innovate, GoldLyfe believes in creating unique experiences for every fan all night long and embolden them to follow the gold, even after the concert lights turn off.


You don’t choose the GoldLyfe, the GoldLyfe chooses you.